Clinics We Offer

Baby Clinic/Child Health Clinic

This clinic is run on Thursday morning between 9:00 and 11:00am. If you cannot attend your appointment please come to the next available clinic. Please note it is important for your child’s health to keep their immunisations up to date.

Asthma & COPD

Asthma and COPD clinics are held regularly and appointments can be made at reception. Screening for respiratory illness with spirometry is also available for smokers or ex-smokers aged 35 years + by appointment.

Diabetic Clinic

This is held every Wednesday morning by appointment.


Contraceptive Advice and Family Planning

Contraceptive advice and choices e.g. contraceptive pill, injection or IUCD are available during normal surgery hours. Appointments can be made at reception.

Emergency Contraception is available throughout normal surgery hours.

Minor Surgery

This is held on Tuesday afternoons and is for the removal of unwanted lumps and bumps etc.


Smoking Cessation Clinic

An advisor is available by appointment via reception.


Minor Illness

Minor illness will be dealt with by a member of our practice nurse team. Please note the following conditions are not minor illnesses:

Chest pain


Abdominal pain

Chronic long-term illness

Breast lumps


Back pain

Visual disorders



Antenatal care


If you are unsure whether your problem is suitable for treatment as minor illness, the receptionist will be pleased to help you.