Practice Charter

Our Responsibilities

We aim to provide the best care for every patient regardless of age or state of health.
You will be treated with courtesy and respect. Your treatment remains confidential.
You may be able to express a preference of practitioner subject to availability, but it is our policy that a doctor within the practice can see any patient.

We will explain the likely effects of drugs and review long-term medical needs as necessary.

If we think you need a second opinion we will help you get one.

If you need a doctor in an emergency and are too ill to attend the surgery we will arrange for you to be visited.

We have the right to remove patients from our lists if there is a breakdown of trust in the surgery/patient relationship, violent or abusive behaviour (including racial abuse) and if patients continually ignore their responsibilities towards any practice staff, community staff or any of our patients.

The Patient's Responsibilities

We expect you to follow our advice.

You may be asked to see another GP if one of our doctors is unavailable due to holidays, study days, training, illness etc.

Please do not call outside normal surgery hours unless you perceive the situation to be a genuine emergency.

You have the right to leave our list and register with another practice if you are unhappy with our services. You have the right to complain about any services related to the practice and may do so by writing to our practice/business manager.