Specialist Nurses

The Advanced Nurse Practitioner

What Is An Advanced Nurse Practitioner?

Advanced Nurse Practitioners are qualified registered nurses who have undertaken specific advanced training to Honours Degree level. The Advanced Nurse Practitioner does not replace your doctor, but works as an additional and complementary service. A nurse practitioner has been available at The Avenue Medical Centre since 2004.

What Do Advanced Nurse Practitioners Provide?

Advanced Nurse Practitioners care for children and adults during ill health and illness alongside the General Practitioner by:

  • Diagnosis and treatment of common health problems such as infections, minor illness and injuries.
  • Diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of chronic diseases such as asthma, diabetes and heart disease.

The Advanced Nurse Practitioner will consult with the doctor where necessary.

Why Choose An Advanced Nurse Practitioner?

Advanced Nurse Practitioners:

  • Provide individualised care, focusing not only on health problems, but the effects problems have on people and their families.
  • Explain the details of health problems, medications and other health topics to help people fully understand how to care for themselves.
  • Ask about people’s worries and concerns about health and their health care needs.
  • Emphasise health and self-care by giving people the information they need to make lifestyle choices and provide care and health promotion.

The Nurses

The nurses are fully trained and are available to be seen by appointment only for dressings, cervical smears, minor injuries, injections, immunisations and blood pressure monitoring. They also run specialised clinics.

Nurses can help you with your health care needs.

Some of the services provided by the practice under GMS (General Medical Services) are as follows:

Minor Illnesses

Baby immunisations

Cervical smears

Removal of stitches


Diabetic checks

Heart disease checks

Ear syringing

Smoking cessation advice


Travel vaccinations


Some conditions (See Our Clinics Page) should not be regarded as minor illnesses.

Health Care Practitioner

Blood pressure checks

Blood tests

Ear syringing

Influenza and pneumonia vaccinations


New patient checks

Spirometry assessment

Urine checks

Vitamin B12 injections

Wound care/dressings

Smoking cessation advice

Lifestyle advice

Weight Management